Things to do in Livingston

Things To Do In Livingston

Just 55 years ago, the now booming town of Livingston was a collection of villages in open farm land. In existence since 1962, it emerged as a result of the decline in shale oil found within West Lothian. It was built to aid the city of Glasgow which was struggling to decongest following the Second World War.

 As the fourth of the five new cities that were built as a result of the New Towns Act of 1946, it is vested with rich cultural background and there is no shortage of places to visit in the city.

Getting to Livingston is a simple, uncomplicated affair. Approximately 25km from Edinburgh and 30km from Glasgow, you are looking at a 30 to 45 minute drive from either direction on the excellent Scottish road system. In fact, this drive into Livingstone is one of the touristic offerings of the town as you get to enjoy the view of an undulating scenic countryside.

Livingston derives its charm from the farm lands and older settlements which have only added character to the newer buildings.

What to do in Livingstone

The third largest city in Scotland, Livingston has several things that are a must do when you visit the town.

Game of Escape

Begin by indulging in a light hearted game of escape Livingston. Centered on a prison break, you and your team have only one hour to break out of your cells and into the warden’s office, disarm the security system and get home free (talk about channeling Prison break’s Michael Scofield!).

Alternatively you can indulge in some espionage in a game of Livingston live escape. This game mimics an espionage operation where you and your team are tasked with retrieving crucial information from a journalist. It is set in an apartment and greatly tests your observational skills. Both games are a lot of fun.

Almond Valley Heritage Center

Family fun can be had at the Almond Valley heritage centre. Children’s rides, play areas, farm animals within child friendly enclosures and a children’s museum make this center a must go to place for people with families. The getting goey chocolate workshop is also another family experience that will have everyone in the family sticky. It is the perfect excuse to have a chocolate party.

JumpStationTrampoline Park

Both adults and children can enjoy a go at a trampoline at the JumpStationTrampoline Park. You are guaranteed an unbeatable trampoline experience as you have 14 activity zones of varying challenges. If you are lucky, you will encounter a themed trampolining session like a dodge ball league during your session. You can book the jump Station trampoline park for a fitness session and Corporate events and office parties.

Almondell and Calderwood Country Park

Finally, you can indulge in the more traditional park visit of the Almondell and Calderwood Country Park. Neatly situated in the valley of the River Almondell, it is nestled between Broxburn and East Calder. The Calderwood part of the park is a designated Site of Scientific Interest (SSSI).

It teems with both flora and fauna with wildlife ranging from fox to the Roe deer and trees like oaks littering the space. It is also a haven for birds with species like the Heron and woodpecker making it their natural habitat.

Clearly Livingston not only embodies an ever evolving and growing cosmopolitan city, it also represents the future of tourism in the English realm. It is modern with just enough of the Scottish ruggedness.

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