Even with limited space and a tight budget, you can still give your small kitchen a makeover in Glasgow or in your small room anywhere, one that will look and function well for many years. You may choose to do the changes all at once or gradually depending your resources and available time. There are virtually hundreds of designs available in magazines, books and online so you can get plenty of ideas and inspiration.

Learning About Styles and Colours

Look up all available resources for the different styles that you’re interested in. It may help to look at other people’s kitchens, shop displays and galleries so that you have an idea if the style is good enough for your space. It may be too risky to invest in bulky classic designs inspired by the Victorian or Neoclassic era. Contemporary and country style kitchens are typically easier to accomplish with the limited area. The idea is to provide less items and décor to free up extra space to avoid clutter and a cramped appearance.

Styles also refer to appliances, decorations and kitchen tools. Avoid putting too many of these unless you use them frequently. As much as possible, keep items out of sight and store them in cabinets and drawers to tidy up the kitchen. Stainless steel materials are ideal for providing more light and creating a sleek appearance. Glass is also a good choice for kitchenware. You may use glass jars to store ingredients and condiments. Tall items are preferred since these seem to expand the room and make the ceiling look higher.

Color is very important for your small kitchen makeover. Try to liven up the area with brighter tones like orange, gold and yellow. Compliment with touches of white, beige or hardwood. You may use kitchen items as well to compliment your main color theme. Use a color wheel so that you can properly find the tones that match your style. Paint the cabinets, walls and ceiling yourself to save more. As for decorations, stick to your colour theme at all times. Your kitchen floor could also use a makeover. Simply take out old linoleum or tiles then set a new design. If you have hardwood flooring, you may simply want to re-polish for a fresher look.

More Makeovers

You can continue doing makeovers even in small accents like replacing old knobs and drawer handles. Placing new window treatments are also a fine addition if you want to control light more. Check out how much light is needed to illuminate different corners of the room since you may want to add or reduce the wattage as needed to save more energy.

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