New Kitchen Design in Glasgow

New Design Kitchen in Glasgow

Glasgow enjoys a rich history and much of its current prosperity and strength is dependent on the early Roman settlements. Sadly, none of the medieval buildings that set the foundation of the city remains except a cathedral built by St Mungo. However, the rich culture and history have all played part in the development of new kitchen designs in Glasgow.

Even though Edinburg remains Scotland’s capital city, Glasgow has the majority of fun things to do and this has made it the best place to be for many homeowners in Scotland. Real estate is a thriving sector in this town and its surrounding areas.

The need for modern housing facilities has led to among other things, the demand for new kitchen designs. If you look to installing one or perhaps getting yourself a house, here are the popular kitchen designs in Glasgow that you would want to consider.


Modern kitchens utilise the latest inventions and technologies in the field of interior design. Expect to come across state of the art appliances, innovative kitchen fittings, modern furniture, and kitchen layouts. Often, they will employ a minimalist effect in their design and every other part of the kitchen will consist only of modern or trendy components.


Conventional kitchens mostly comprise of a wooden theme: wooden finishes, wood countertops, wood cabinets and so on. Another common thing with this design is the fact the oven will often be the centrepiece which is a kitchen layout borrowed from the past times.


Shakers date all the way back to 1700’s. The Shakers themselves, a religious sect comprising of women, had an eye for functionality and design in a home. When it came to the kitchen, quality, simplicity, and functionality dominated. Such kitchens are usually organised and clutter free and always represent the quality craftsmanship of the past.


Contemporary kitchens are pretty much a blend of the modern and traditional design. They will also bear a trendy look mostly inspired by art and a simple layout that doesn’t compromise on functionality. Generally, such kitchens will possess a stylish and sleek look and it’s easy to tell that with such kitchens, more emphasis is put on the elements that are simple yet with cutting edge qualities.

New Acrylic

Acrylic finishes are a favorite of many homeowners not just because they are easy to maintain but also due to their classy look. If you look to having your kitchen serve as an entertainment spot, this is the perfect design you should opt for.


Even though it isn’t pretty much common, the popularity of this design stems from the way the doors are fitted on the kitchen’s cabinetry. The doors are fitted on the cabinet’s frame in a special way that makes the whole section sturdier and able to last longer compared to the typical door design. Also, the design itself a little more expensive compared to its peers.

Proper installation of these kitchen designs is the major challenge most homeowners in Glasgow face. Getting the details right needs skills and experience especially considering the fact there are multiple options to choose from.

At rooms2love, we have a team of competent designers and other professionals that will work with you all through to ensure everything is done right and to your best expectations. Besides, our team of professionals are friendly with rich experience in kitchen design.

Our prime goal is to make your entire life better through letting you own a kitchen you will live to cherish for years to come.

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