Your New Fitted Kitchen in Livingston

Your New Fitted Kitchen in Livingston

The concept of a fitted kitchen allows for predictability as everything is fitted exactly in its place. Home owners in Livingston are a reflection of what is going on in the world of interior design. They have done what every avid home owner does: they narrowed down their preferred kitchen features and incorporating those into their kitchens.

Seeing as a fitted kitchen has a certain precision by the manner in which things are placed in it, is there any room for the concept of a fitted kitchen in our homes? The answer is yes. Books like the Scots Kitchen by Florence Marian McNeil give a glimpse of what a traditional scot kitchen meant vis a vis the modern day kitchen concept. But most importantly, her lore showed how dynamic and versatile a Scottish home is.

One thing to note with a fitted kitchen is the permanence of the design. Once in, you cannot tweak it or make any adjustments like you would a freestanding kitchen. Still interested? Well then here are the characteristics to look for in a fitted kitchen.

Chooses integrated appliances over free standing ones

Although they are more expensive than free standing appliances, integrated appliances are longer lasting as they do not go through the wear and tear that comes with constantly being moved. Once fitted, they stay put until you remove them from their place. They are also considered the trademark of a fitted kitchen.

Buy already built cabinets

A fitted kitchen is not a good option for a do it yourself session. Basically it leaves very little room for error as a poor fit could cost you more than buying an already built up cabinet. Beautiful as the self assemble cabinets may appear in the catalogue, they will cost you more money and time to put together and to put up.

Color coded cabinets

This might seem like an obvious conclusion when installing a cabinet but you will find many kitchens with a white cabinet and colored doors. The result is an unsightly looking finish where the white peeks through.

Quality doors and finishes

The last thing you want is cabinet doors falling off their hinges, knobs coming off drawers and chipped finishes or worse still crack and crevices on the finish. Ensure you thoroughly check the quality of wood used both inside and outside the cabinets. If the base is made of cheap material that is not durable it is best to steer clear of it.

Opt for anti slam technology

Anti slam technology on cabinet doors or drawers will prevent cracking or loosening up of the doors or drawers and their fittings. Not to be confused with soft close on the doors, which only prevents the door from producing the banging sound when the door is closed forcefully.

A fitted kitchen is best suited for your home if you have limited space. It makes the best of a tight fit space because everything is neatly stacked away into its proper place.

We are currently experiencing a real estate boom, and for many new home owners in Livingston, kitchen design is becoming a necessity for their new space. Needing something that has been tried and tested while remaining true to its sensibility.

Our team of experienced experts look forward to helping own that fitted kitchen you’ve always wished to have. Call us today and we’ll be happy to discuss how to make your kitchen the best place in your home.

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