New Fitted Kitchen in Glasgow

Your New Fitted Kitchen in Glasgow

Of all the great things there’s to know about a fitted kitchen, the best of them all is the fact you can fit everything into their rightful place. It’s a component of interior design that continues to shape homes not just in Glasgow but all over the world. As homeowners, now you have the freedom to select your favourite kitchen features and have them incorporated into your kitchen.

But looking at how the concept itself is implemented, you may want to question if really there’s room for it in our current homes. Well, the truth is it’s possible to have a fitted kitchen installed in any home. And it’s actually through the fitted kitchen concept that we are able to observe the stark difference between a conventional Scot kitchen and a modern and trendy one. 

The majority of the modern homes in Glasgow are quite versatile and dynamic and combining that with a fitted kitchen results in an excellent home with added value. One major fact about a fitted kitchen is that it’s permanent. It doesn’t share the flexibility of a freestanding kitchen.

There’s a lot more to look for in a fitted kitchen and we’ll share the information just to ensure that you make proper and right decisions.

Always pick integrated appliances

Integrated appliances have the added benefit of longevity and increased resistance to wear and tear. This is because they are rarely moved move from place to place.  Once you have them installed, they will stay in the same position until you decide to have them removed. That’s what sets them apart from free standing appliances and qualifies them as the ultimate hallmark of a fitted kitchen.

Doors and finishes

These two are actually the most visible areas of the kitchen and therefore they should be fitted well and be of superior quality. No person wants to have a kitchen comprising of loose cabinet doors and cabinet knobs, chipped finishes or cracks on the finish. Therefore, quality should always come first. Keep of cheap substandard materials.

Matching cabinets and doors

Mismatched cabinets and doors make the kitchen look unattractive. Theme consistency is a major factor when installing fitted kitchens and this should apply to all components involved, including the cabinet and the doors.

Opt for readily built cabinets

Fitted kitchens are not the best place for putting your average skills to test. Any error, regardless of the level, could have far-reaching consequences, the worst of them all being unnecessary costs. This applies not just to self-assemble cabinets but every other do it yourself task. Besides, you will spend additional money and time trying to put up such a cabinet as opposed to an already built cabinet.

Anti-slam technology

This is a recent invention that helps to prevent cracking as well as loosening up of the drawers, cabinet doors plus their fittings. It shouldn’t be confused with the other technology that prevents the door from slamming loudly into its place when it’s shut with extra force.

If your home has limited space, a fitted kitchen is an ideal option. Through this concept, you can have everything placed into their proper place regardless of your kitchen size.  This is the major reason why the majority of homeowners in Glasgow continue to adopt fitted kitchens.

At rooms2love, we have a team of competent designers and other experts ready to assist you to make your dream fitted kitchen a reality. Talk to us today and we shall be happy to help.