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Ever asked yourself why is the kitchen the most remodeled part of the house? It’s simple: the kitchen embodies the heart and soul of the home. It is synonymous with love, warmth, contentment and care. It also bears the brunt of the wear and tear because of the traffic in and out of it, unlike other parts of the house.

Letting a kitchen run into ruin is widely considered an offence of epic proportions. It is also really sacred ground when it comes to family and friends. And this will continue to be the case for generations to come.

A keen look at the reasons home owners give for renovations on their kitchens offers insight into the close relationship and warm memories most people have of their kitchen.

Here are some of those reasons:

A Functional Design

Traditional kitchen designs are more about free standing pieces that come together to provide functionality. However, most design savvy home owners now prefer to have integrated appliances that make their forays into the kitchen easier, and the people of Livingston are no different.

For instance, instead of plugging appliances in and out each time you need to use them, having them fit into one nook of the kitchen is a simpler option. Furniture is also a big part of the functional design.

Replacing less functional furniture like the counter with bar stool with a dining table and seats gives the kitchen a two prong function: a cooking space and a dining space.

Need for a Makeover

Being a place where home owners entertain their guests, allowing it to look unsightly is unacceptable. Chipped finishes, jammed drawers, cabinets with doors hanging off the hinges and leaky faucets all take away from the joy of having people over.

These kinds of issues take away the host’s confidence and make the space feel ancient and drab. In addition, they pose a health hazard. The renovation can be a more aesthetic one where one replaces the doors and has the finishes redone or it could be a more thorough and in depth overhaul of entire kitchen plumbing; giving you that fitted kitchen look for a lot less money.

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Fitted bedrooms and bathrooms eliminate your storage problems. They are built with this in mind. As a popular option for most homes in Livingston, we look at their advantages and disadvantages to determine whether they really do work or not.

Fitted Bathrooms

Increased storage

The bathroom is one of the most minimalist rooms in a home. Most people tend to forget that they need to store toiletries and towels in the bathroom and instead stack everything in the bedroom. A fitted bathroom has great options for storage. From towels to a medicine cabinet, fitted cabinetry and drawers offer the option of uncluttering the bedroom space.

Efficiency in cleaning

Being fitted into a precise space prevents accumulation of dust and other dirt making the process of cleaning far easier. Even in cases of cobwebs you do not encounter the challenge of going around the wardrobe and reaching into small spaces between the wall and the closet to clear them.

Property Values

The aspect of remodeling the kitchen, bathroom or bedroom for the purpose of increasing the value of the house is also a key factor in renovation. It can be a big motivation as a well designed and maintained kitchen holds much sway for people looking to buy homes.

The addition of modern fitting and finishes and state of the art appliances (or even traditional polished wooden finishes that remind one of their granny’s kitchen) is a sure fire way to get higher bids on a property.

In brief, our list simply covers some of the reasons why home owners opt to remodel their kitchen and bathroom space but still, it’s not exhaustive. There are people who want their kitchen to reflect their lifestyle or to meet a special need like a recent disability. Some are just tired of the layout of the room and want a change of scenery.

Another important thing to consider before undertaking any remodeling work is the budget. It will dictate what one can and cannot do. It is advisable to stay within the budget if one wants to see the project to completion without falling into debt.

Furthermore, decisions need to be made about the fixtures, the design and the materials to be used.

Finally, remember that research is a crucial element in the decision making process. At Rooms2Love Livingston, we work hard to follow the guidelines laid down by our relevant trade associations, and we take pleasure in helping you own that kitchen you’ve dreamed of for years and within a budget that fits you well.

Fitted Bedroom Advantages

Incredible use of space

Unlike the free standing wardrobe that may not fit in your space, fitted wardrobes fit into the precise space allocated to them. As a result, every space in your bedroom is utilized with an overall effect of order and organization.

Matches your décor

One of the biggest challenges with buying individual pieces of furniture for your bedroom is the break in the general theme of your décor. Since the furniture comes without any consideration for the nuances of the décor, it can be difficult to reconcile the two and even find a befitting space for it. With fitted bedrooms the theme of the house décor is maintained all through.

Tailored to your needs

A fitted bedroom is built with your needs in mind. For example, a fitted closet usually has enough room for both your clothes and shoes without the need of an additional space for either one. This is rarely the case with free standing wardrobes as they are not built with you in mind.

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